My car

This is my first and only car. I thought it would be wise to introduce my car before talking about any of my work on it as well as adventures with it.

I got it in 2012 September from a used car dealer. Since then, it has transformed me into a car person. The transformation is unmistakable. I used to be that chap who never paid attention to cars. Believe it or not, I did not even know the names of most popular cars on the road. That is a stark contrast from present day me, who is considered a car guy. In the brief span of my ownership, I have learnt to drive as well as wrench on it. Nowadays people come to me for car advise.

It is a 03 Mazda Miata (LS trim) with black leather interior. The transmission is the less desired 6 speed manual with a short shifter. The rims are 16″ alloys covered with matte black plastidip finish.

One of my favorite ways to spend a sunny day is to give my car a wash, then wax and go for a drive with the top down. I love the way well pampered paint feels after the car is washed, clayed and waxed. It is definitely one of the smoothest things I have ever laid my hands on.

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